Why Go Greek?


Alpha Sigma Tau

Greek membership can help make the transition to college life easier and more enjoyable for students. Fraternities and sororities offer a support system to students through its close friendships and opportunities for involvement. Joining a fraternity or sorority can help greatly broaden a student’s social network and make the college experience more enjoyable. Also, fraternity and sorority membership is a life-long commitment. For most fraternity and sorority members, their brothers and sisters become the closest friends they will ever have, throughout college and beyond.

The Facts

The benefits of Greek membership are real. A US government study found that students who join Greek-letter organizations experience many positive benefits, including the following:

  • Greek students are more likely to stay in college, nationally, over 70% of all those who join a fraternity/sorority graduate in five years or less, while under 50% of all non-Greek students graduate.
  • Alumni members achieve success. College graduates who belong to a fraternity or sorority tend to be more financially successful than other graduates.
  • Greek alumni give more money to their alma matters, both more often and in great quantity than non-Greek alumni.
  • Greek students are more active on campus and in community activities. Upon graduation, these members are also more likely to get involved in volunteer and charitable activities.


Greek men and women strive for excellence in academics. Many organizations have study hours, mentors, and other programming to enhance its’ members academic performance. Many organizations also offer scholarships and recognition awards for academic excellence. As a result of these efforts, many chapters have a grade point average above the all men’s and all women’s GPA.


Greek organizations offer numerous leadership opportunities for their members, on average more than any other type of organization. Fraternity and sorority chapters run under their own executive boards, chairpersons and committees composed from the undergraduate membership. Each national fraternity and sorority also sponsors leadership conferences that are held regionally and nationally for its membership. Additionally, the Greek governing councils involve additional leadership positions working to benefit the entire Greek community.


Every fraternity and sorority at OU participates in philanthropy and community service projects throughout the Atlanta area. OU Greeks are part of philanthropies benefiting the DRCC, Make-a-Wish, Boys and Girls Club, RAINN, and many more. Community service included projects such as painting the home of a disabled person, working in the local food bank, tutoring school children, and conducting food and clothing drives.


Greek Life is fun. Parties, mixers, and events are mainstays of chapter functions and members’ lives. Fraternities and sororities host and sponsor numerous events on and off-campus that will make your experience at OU enjoyable: from traditional sports rivalries, formal dances, road trips, step shows, theme parties and more.