Epsilon Iota Psi Sorority


On a small liberal arts college campus in Atlanta, Georgia a junior named Morghan Brandon had a revolutionary idea that the status quo of Greek life needed to change. If no change could be made through other organizations already established, then she would make the change through an organization of her own. In the fall of 2011, Morghan began planning and creating the building blocks of her new organization. She, along with other women hoping to see a change on the campus, used empowerment of women as a basis for the soon to be organization. Through empowerment and inspiration, progress follows. Epsilon Iota Psi, a local sorority, was founded on April 25, 2012 at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia. Twenty two women set forth to make history on the small campus of Oglethorpe University as the first African-American sorority at the institution. The Madames of Epsilon Iota Psi Sorority continue to make history daily as they serve women and children of the Atlanta area, and make an impact on Oglethorpe University’s campus. Madames empower to inspire progress daily.


EiPsi Facts:

Our motto: By Endurance We Conquer
Our colors: Teal and Silver
Our symbol: The Lotus Flower

We are: The 22 Madames of EiPsi

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